GLIGA VASILE takes care of maestro quality instruments - finished with oil varnish.
The maestro instruments come with their own certificate of authenticity that contains the data (pictures, size, material, model, label signed by Vasile Gliga himself) of the instrument. The most beautiful wood is reserved for the maestro. Gliga "extra" instruments are those instruments that have a one piece back or those that are made by special wood.
All instruments are handmade and very carefully finished. We make all our instruments using Stradivari design. We also make 4/4 size violin Guarneri model. The Guarneri model violin has a more powerful sound because it has the body bigger than the Stradivari model and the volume of air inside of instrument is bigger and the fibers of the wood vibrate stronger. The shape of "F" holes is also different. You can see this difference if you study carefully the top of a Guarneri and of a Stradivari violin on our web site. The sound is also different at the two types of instruments.
We finish the instruments in an antiqued style or normal finish. The antiqued instruments are also new instruments but they are only finished in an antiqued style (In other words, they are new instruments but they look old. It is only about the visual beauty; the fact that a violin is finished in an antiqued style or not does not influence the sound of the instrument).
All our instruments are new, never played before.
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